Monday, 27 July 2015

A Cultural Reunion.

211 miles. 4 months. It's been AGES since I last saw En-Jia. But as my first year of architecture came to an end we were reunited at last for four days in Manchester!

We explored the parks, the galleries, the famous curry mile and most importantly of all... I was introduced to ultimate frisbee - En-Jia's number one hobby. But for now - a composition of our artistic adventures.

The photos are from a mix of Whitworth and the Manchester museum - I think Whitworth was our favourite. Not just the art but the place also, and how they used light in the different rooms. (#architect) But seriously you will know what I mean if you go.

We also had a venture to the Northern quarter and discovered lots of little independent galleries which were all pretty lovely to explore. AND lets not forget I found the best shop ever for an architecture student. If only it was in London. Magma Manchester you have my heart.

Whitworth Art Gallery // Manchester Museum

~ ~ ~

The Killers - Exitlude
Jet - Look What You've Done
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension


  1. Missed your posts! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

    1. Aw thanks Cherelle, it was brilliant I want to go back!! Xx