Monday, 24 June 2013

The 'Artsy Studenty' Look

Do you know what's on my mind? Paris.

Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris. See where I'm going here..? Next week I get to go on what I think is one of the loveliest school trips: An art trip to Paris. I can't think of much better! So in a feeble attempt to look the part, here is my 'artsy student' fashion post, hooray! 

First of all this cute tied hair band, it looks exactly how I imagine an art student should! I like how the hair isn't perfect yet still looks so pretty.

These three are my favourite outfits (all from my pinterest). Fingers crossed I won't need to wrap up as much as the last photo but if it comes to it, the French looove their scarves... (Being French I am qualified to say this.)

I am desperately trying to find a bag like this leather one but so far all I have found is this rather pricey one... The search continues. 

But there is good news! I bought a dress pretty much exactly like the grey one, but blue, in the Topshop sale! Yippeeee! (I tried to find a link to it but apparently it only seems to be in shops, so grab it fast if you want one...)

Listening tooo: 'The Art' by Mamas Gun & 'The Sound Of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel


  1. lovely outfit inspirations - my favourite is the all black outfit on the right :)

    Check out my new all black outfit on blog! :)

  2. I love the outfit on the left. Have a great time!

    1. Thank you! I love it too, it's so summeryxx

  3. Everything about this is absolutely perfect! I've been wanting a brown leather backpack ever since I saw Blue Valentine! Following your blog now btw. Love it x

    1. Awh thank you, the backpack is perfect if only I could find oneeeexx

  4. lovely pics! I like this style so much!

    check my blog
    Patchwork à Porter

  5. Love the way you've done your hair with the scarf! I'd attempt to try it but know it will end up in some kind of "birds nest" effect, not chic at all ;) xx

  6. Nice pictures ;)

  7. "Art trip to Paris" Omg that is a dream come true!! I would love to make that trip one day, so I wish you the best! Love the outfits inspiration!
    Greeting from Argentina!

  8. (as a parisian i agree: i have a dozen scarves in my closet ! ) Oh i love these outfit that you chose :)