Sunday, 26 January 2014


Firstly, let me explain the title.


The thought that in a few months I could be living in London studying architecture at the Bartlett makes me want to run around and scream and jump. SO HAPPY. On the subject of London, I went for a day trip with one of my best friends, Anam: cue lots of photos.

After a short train & tube journey, we made our way to the many shops of Oxford Street, spending aaaages in Urban Outfitters. Predictable, eh?

For lunch, we decided to explore Soho's delights. This was my first time in Soho (I think) but we seemed to have arrived at the perfect time, it was packed with restaurants of every variety. We picked a small place called Stockpot, where the food was tasty, price was low, and the portions laarvely!

There was even a flash mob which started outside, which we watched from the comfort of the restaurant.

The afternoon followed with some exploring and shopping in Covent Garden (naturally with more Urban Outfitters) passing through Chinatown on the way. Here is a photo of some bins, I thought it looked artistic.

Chillin' with my bro.

Basically, it was an awesome day and I got a turquoise hat out of it (featured below). I also like to think I've mastered the whole tube fandango. WOO.

'Little Bird' by Imogen Heap | 'Joy' by Iron And Wine | 'The Boxer' by Simon & Garfunkel