Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Fishy Post

I did mention my little fishy obsession didn't I?

Recently I've been doing a lot of art - all my spare time seems to be engulfed by the subject - not that I mind, its such a perfect way to spend time! (Even if the stress cranks up by a million close to deadlines...) Anyway, I thought I'd share a little of what I'm spending my days doing.

There is something about fish I just love to paint or draw, those colours are so beautiful! I'm trying to paint on top of recipes with fish in them, if you see where I'm going?

Other than fish, I'm also trying to improve on my (clothed) life drawing. I keep asking people if I can draw them, it's becoming obsessive haha, let me know if you have any tips!

Listening tooooo: 'The Power of Love' by Gabrielle Aplin & 'This Too Shall Pass' by Maria Mena


  1. Umm... WOW!
    I had to draw fish (a lot) for GCSE & A Level art as my teacher was a little bit obsessed, but mine looked nothing at all like this!!
    I love the use of paper beneath the water colour... How I miss art!
    (Also- Power of Love is an absolute tune!)
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  2. I literally thought the first image was a photograph when I saw this post pop up on Bloglovin! Amazing! You have inspired me to start up watercolouring again

    xx Carina

  3. Thank you for the inspiring post
    I love your painting's!


  4. Wow hun this is amazing! How talented are you? :)

    I did A Level Art at college and I used to be obsessed with drawing fish straight from the fish mongers! My mum wasn't so impressed with the smell...

    Keep it up!
    Cocktails and Caroline

  5. These look great! I'd prefer being in room with these than the real deal though haha

  6. These are beautiful! - Super, super talented!!!

    Katie <3

  7. Ooh I love these, the colours are really nice! I like how you did them on the recipes too.

  8. i love your work! would love to be able to paint :) and me too- spend all my life moaning about how it stresses me out but still love doing it! haha xx

  9. A fishy post...love it! :) I think it's great you are getting more into art, I wish I could if I had all my supplies here :(

  10. Love the painting on recipes idea, it's fantastic!
    Charlotte x
    La Vie en Gâteaux

  11. These are incredible! You're an amazing artist! ♡ :-)

  12. this is beautiful :)

  13. so cool!


  14. Gril, You are crazy talented. Glad I stumbled across your little slice of blog from a comment you left somewhere else!

    T xx

    - hellotillie.com

  15. These are beautiful! I love your blog, your photography is so lovely!
    Now following you via bloglovin :)

  16. I'm with Carina - I thought the top picture was a photo! You are amazingly talented! I wish I had a natural talent like that. I love your blog and I'd pose for you anytime! lol

  17. You are ridiculously good! I love watercolours - the first picture is adorable (is this an acceptable word for a fish painting?) Have you ever sold any pictures? x

    Caterina x

  18. I thought you were going to write that you saw these paintings in an art gallery. You're brilliant and the food below looks so yummy. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  19. You had me at bilingual. These paintings are simply beautiful! Im in awe.

  20. I completely understand what you means bout the colours. I love them too!

  21. Wow what a talent you have! They're s gorgeous - I love spending my time immersing myself in creative pass-times