Sunday, 30 June 2013

Covent Garden By The Sea (Brighton)

Yesterday I went to Brighton for the first time in ageeeees with my boyfriend, Paul.

We got off the train & crept into a side passage to get away from the crowds. It turned out this passage was the beginning of North Laine - an area famous for its unique & vibrant boutiques. We looked into a few shops but quickly headed towards the food shops, for a beach picnic.

(p.s. how awesome are those balloons?)

The beach was packed but perfect, it was cool but sunny & as it was a pebble beach, our food remained intact, bliss.

There were even a few brave people out swimming despite the water being freeeezing.

After lunch we made our way to the famous pier...

It was so lively & so much was going on. The rides looked good although we didn't go on any (this time...).

There were also hundreds of 2p, 10p & various other machines inside the arcades.

Our next destination was a very pretty park Paul had heard of, so we set out searching...

On our way we found this fountain which had apparently been adopted as a bird bath:

The park was gorgeous! Filled with flowers & trees and there was a beautiful building in the centre (The Pavillion).

After a fair bit of roaming around & taking photos of all the pretty flowers, we found a lovely spot in the shade close to a man playing music in the park.

It was loooovely! I would describe Brighton as Covent Garden by the Sea (hence the title) It has all the lively street artists & independant shops London has on a slightly smaller scale, and with a sea next door - hooray!

I have a few more photos of the day ready for my next post too! Dun dun dunnn...

Listening tooo: 'Let's go' by Matt & Kim and 'New Slang' by The Shins

(I'm off to Paris now woohoooooooo!!)

Monday, 24 June 2013

The 'Artsy Studenty' Look

Do you know what's on my mind? Paris.

Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris. See where I'm going here..? Next week I get to go on what I think is one of the loveliest school trips: An art trip to Paris. I can't think of much better! So in a feeble attempt to look the part, here is my 'artsy student' fashion post, hooray! 

First of all this cute tied hair band, it looks exactly how I imagine an art student should! I like how the hair isn't perfect yet still looks so pretty.

These three are my favourite outfits (all from my pinterest). Fingers crossed I won't need to wrap up as much as the last photo but if it comes to it, the French looove their scarves... (Being French I am qualified to say this.)

I am desperately trying to find a bag like this leather one but so far all I have found is this rather pricey one... The search continues. 

But there is good news! I bought a dress pretty much exactly like the grey one, but blue, in the Topshop sale! Yippeeee! (I tried to find a link to it but apparently it only seems to be in shops, so grab it fast if you want one...)

Listening tooo: 'The Art' by Mamas Gun & 'The Sound Of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel

Friday, 21 June 2013

My School's Pop-up Exhibition

After what seems like centuries, my exams are over, I've ventured out of my crazy revision phase & am experiencing things I had forgotten existed... free time, sun, socializing - hooray!! 

Last night, my family, best friend & I went to my school's exhibition of all the Art, Textiles & Technology work to wrap up our year of art (and to show our work to the moderators - how scary!). 

As an art student, I was in my element, flicking through nearly all sketchbooks, I just couldn't can't stay away. Here is a snippet of my evening.

In the main hall, there was a collection of AS & A2 coursework & exam work which was amazing! I love this little painting from a Paris trip.

For me, the A2 sketchbooks and final pieces were most interesting as they got me thinking about my project for next year (we get to choose!).

This sketchbook belongs to my incredibly talented friends, Cherelle. Some definite sketchbook envy aha!

And below are my sketchbook & display board - just at the entrance ready to be trodden on, great aha!

The photos at the top are of my sculpture, the abstract pieces are inspired by the shapes in my sculpture & the tiny piece of a painting at the bottom of my board is the result of a 5 hour exam... (Don't worry the aim of the exam is the quality, not a finished product haha)

After having seen each sketchbook and art piece many many times, myself & En-Jia wondered down to the Textiles room.

Don't you just love these fabrics...

Clothes, bags & sketchbooks were all on display and there were lots of pretty sketches involved.

Below are some design ideas created by my creative fashion guru of a friend - Louise!

After having been to the rest of the exhibition, I had to come back to the art room for one of my favourites, these children's dresses were created for an A2 Art exam with the title 'Submerged'. The installation included a few other bits and pieces but the dresses were my favourite part.

There was so much more to the exhibition (even some street art) but this is a little insight of how inspiring the evening was. I think it was better than your average exhibition as you could look through the sketchbooks & see all the ideas working towards the final pieces.

Bring on next year's!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flower Crowns

Whilst what seems to be everyone is outside in our b-e-a-utiful sun, I am still here, doing countless past papers & sums. Oh joy.

But it doesn't mean I can't dream of flowers & pretty things. Don't these photos make you want a flower crown sooo badly?!

 Perhaps its just me getting excited for music festivals a bit prematurely haha, but either way here are some pretty flower crowns for the summer!

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Although my favourites will always be the homemade ones (like below), what's better than making a daisy chain? (Or Marguerite chain in that case)

Listening tooooo: Spector - 'What You Wanted' & The Strokes - 'I'll Try Anything Once'