Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pattern Crush

I have a new obsession (one of many I have to admit)...

I love patterns!
And what did I stumble upon on one of my many Pinterest trips of procrastination? These utterly gorgeous patterns by Bouffants and Broken Hearts. If only more clothes were made with these, I would be all over them in a heartbeat, 100%.

On the website you can actually buy tops and pretty tote bags with these patterns too, how perfect in time for summer, right?! I think the flowers are my favourite print, there is so much going on I love it.

Don't you find that you find the most interesting things appear whilst you're supposed to be revising? Which is a definite plus side of that dreaded exam season!

Here are some songs which make me happy, yippeee:
Haim - Don't Save Me & Forever (yes this is an obsession...)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

E's Birthday Tea (with heaps of cake...)

Yesterday was the perfect excuse to have a day off the dreaded revision that A levels bring: we celebrated E's birthday!

First up, an elegant afternoon tea by the River Cam. We were brought 3 tier stands packed with goodies getting tastier and sweeter as you worked your way up & had the brilliant entertainment of watching kayakers fall in the river (this might have even been one of my favourite parts...)

The prettiest of the selection was the marzipan fruit (shame I'm not keen on marzipan) & the tastiest was definitely the bakewell slice.

After gorging on most of the treats, the staff kindly boxed up the rest for us to take home.

Afternoon tea was good, but my favourite part came later on. 

Our dinner was a selection of all the tastiest foods. We ate our favourites before settling down to a huuuge dose of Eurovision. Am I the only one who's favourite was Hungary? My winner predictions weren't quite perfected this time, but E managed to guess both who came 1st and 2nd... (I'm not jealous at all...*cough*)

To finish the whole shabang was my mother's traditional toblerone cake! I was in charge of decorations & insisted upon using the mustache sweet, hence the 'I mustache you a question' part...

Happy Birthday E!

Exams are in full flow right now, so here is a little procrastination with some tuuunes!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Coffee illustrations

When I was younger I was only aware of two types of coffee: caffeinated or decaffeinated.

Then I began waitressing in the most wonderful Michelin Starred Restaurant & promptly was introduced to a whole new world of extravagant coffee orders (and delicious petits fours too!). 

Even though I still don't drink coffee myself, I love the smells & variety you get. So I had to share this arty representation of the coffee family... 

You can buy the print at this beautiful little etsy shop. I adore her style.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Food Festival

Whilst roaming around the shopping centre before my work, I stumbled upon a bustling Food Festival. Packed with delicious savoury treats, food demonstrations & endless tasters, this was the place to be.

Being a freebie hoarder, I walked past all the edible samples, gobbling them as I went along...

The item highest up on my foodie wishlist was this veggie flatbread, just looking at it makes my mouth water... 

Sadly by this time, I had already bought my lunch, so I had to let it slip...

But I have found a similar recipe which looks a-mazing!! Here's the link, it's definitely a good 'un.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

To Build a Home

So you've heard of spring cleaning, but why not go a step further & change everything...

(Well not completely everything, but I'm talking a minimum of redecorating...)

With these 'masses' of sun, as us English folks like to call it, comes an urge to redecorate my room for a more summery feel. So here I have some design inspiration (hopefully with a spring / summer feel!)...

My windowsill basically looks like this (okay so maybe I'm dreaming a little..) but I do still have my plants from my garden centre post -ALIVE! Hooray.

I am totally in love with city homes/apartments with blossom & trees around them. The best of both worlds...maybe one day?

Nature is a beauty!