Thursday, 31 July 2014

Royal Academy of Arts: SUMMER EXHIBITION 2014

Until this summer I didn't even know about this exhibition - the largest open entry exhibition in the WORLD. Crazy. But as soon as I came across it, I was in awe. And at the first opportunity, I hopped on a train to London and made my way to the Royal Academy of Arts.

 I've never seen an exhibition presented in such an exciting way, with walls full of art, coming from world renowned artists as well as first time painters. It's such an awesome mix.

The paintings also had no explanations - only a number to help you find the name of the artist and the medium used. Although I do like knowing the stories behind the art, it was really interesting to use your imagination for the different scenes.

Two of my favourites are below. The first I loved due to the style of painting on wood, the second I found awesome for the technique of stitching used to make such beautiful colours and textures.

After the exhibition, I left feeling all artsy and inspired (plans to paint over summer are getting underway!). I also felt the need to explore Regents Street where I stepped into Anthropologie for the first time. (Sister brand to Freepeople and Urban Outfitters - both of which I loooove)

I've stalked the website many a time but the shop is something else. The design is beautiful. The clothing prices are sadly out of range for me but I left over the moon with the Saltwater Kinfolk Issue for a laid back afternoon of reading in Hyde Park. The design of the shop is worth a visit in itself - I'm talking wall of plants here.

~ ~ ~

Golden Leaves by Passenger
The Boxer by Jerry Douglas
Tout Doucement by Feist

Friday, 11 July 2014


I just got my first disposable camera photos developed so now I can finally blog about things which happened about a month or more ago... WOO.

First up, my last ever day at school!! Crikey I'm old (ish). It was decided our year would go army style on our last day - to 'invade' the school. Below are two of my best friends since lower school - Abby, En-Jia & then me on the end.

And above are a bunch of my friends who decided to come dressed as the village people.

Several pranks were carried out throughout the morning, along with a parting speech over assembly before we were promptly kicked out (before lunch... before lunch!). So obviously we then migrated to take over the local pub.

Above: the lovely Amy on the left, with En-Jia inbetween us.

It was a really nice ending to years and years and years of school. Kind of sad that there won't be a place where you know all your friends will be but definitely okay with moving on now. Haha.

~ ~ ~

Love Is All I Got (awesome with bass)
At Home (my favourite)
Plage (so pretty)
all by Crystal Fighters (#obsessed)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Exhibitions: Bartlett + Bedford School

My final exams finished a few weeks ago, so I am currently in my longest summer holidays ever. WOOOOO.

Something I've done more of has been visiting exhibitions. On Monday I went to London for one of the world's biggest architecture shows; The Bartlett Summer Show. The staff kindly showed a group of us around before we set about exploring the show ourselves.

Sadly my camera decided it would only focus on close ups so you'll have to take my word for it when I say the rest was just as fantastic.

My favourite part of the show included bunk beds on top of bunk beds, with models and projects balanced and hung from the bed frames. To see them you needed to make your way under the bunk beds and through the suspended work. The show was awesome and kind of scary seeing how high the standard is.

~ ~ ~

When I came home from the exhibition (via Urban Outfitters and a large serving of sushi) Louise told me about another exhibition at a nearby school. Having only just been encouraged by the Bartlett staff to visit exhibitions, timing couldn't have been better.

We rummaged through all the sketchbooks, exploring the different projects. The A level ones proved most inspiring and creative with a mix of sculptures, installations and paintings. The presentation within the work was particularly well put together, something I wish I had more time to focus on in my own project.

Two exhibitions in one day, and I'm planning the next. Really really really want to visit the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition!

~ ~ ~

Drop the Game by Flume, Chet Faker
I Sing I Swim by Seabear
Brazil (ITV World Cup Theme) by Thiago Thome