Thursday, 24 September 2015

Londres // London

Every summer & new year since I was a babe we would travel south to meet up with my aunts, uncle, grandparents & cousins in the mountains and cities of southern France. The four cousins - Emilie, Pauline, myself & Benjamin range from 19 to 22, and we've pretty much grown up together. This year it was time we organised a trip of our own, so they came to stay with me in Laaandaaan!

It had been ten years since they both came to the UK, so in the week we had, we showed them the tourist's London, the insider's London & best of all, the student's London.

Cue photos.

Their visit coincided with the river pageant for the Queen's longest reign, so in-between an introduction to how delicious porridge can be & a speedy lift to the Sky Gardens, we stood by Big Ben watching dressed up boats spray water patterns on the Thames... maybe with some royals aboard? I like to think so. 

The rest of the week we shared some amazing moments, so here are some highlights:
-Playing cards on the street with strangers at 8am. (Waiting for £5 Matilda tickets)
-Watching Matilda!!!!
-Sushi in Chinatown - best sushi I've ever eaten
-Laying watching the proms (again after playing cards on the street queuing for cheap tickets)
-Camden market meals
-Picking blackberries for a crumble
-Learning to do a crown braid
-Brick Lane Bagels

Hopefully this is just the start of many more travels for the four of us. 

~ ~ ~


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