Monday, 30 March 2015

From the Architecture Student.

In 6 months:
I study architecture at the Bartlett.
I discovered chai tea.
I travelled to Copenhagen and Paris.
I contributed to an installation at Greenwich Royal Naval College.
I saw Bombay Bicycle Club.
I bumped into famous people.
I am a Londoner.
I discovered how intense yet incredible architecture is.
I saw Rambert.
I am starting to learn Danish.
I have met some wonderful people.
I have fallen in love with Hampstead Heath. And plants in general.

In 12 lines, that is my student year so far. There have been milestones, there have been hilarious moments, there have been silly moments. I'm currently on easter break, though apparently for an architecture student this translates to 'more tutorials'? It's going to be an easter crammed with portfolio & workshop, with a slice of hiking in Snowdonia.

~ ~ ~

Words with power, melody with beauty. 
Sufjan Stevens - Should have known better.


  1. Chai tea and Bombay Bicycle Club - now those are two of my favourite things, hands down. How great it is that you've done an infinite amount in that time!


    1. Agreed, discovering chai tea is definitely a university highlight hehe Xx