Monday, 22 July 2013

Paris's Great Glass Escalator - 3

One of the most interesting places we visited was this beast of a building - Le Centre Georges Pompidou.

Escalators on the outside & art & cultural things on the inside. Before we went in, we had a little time to wander the surrounding shops (and cling to our valuables - there were loads of pickpockets)!

First up, after I had walked right into a bollard, grazed my knees & sorted out the bleeding, we ventured into a vintage shop. Having never been in one before, the racks of countless Levi's & tie-dye tops were uber exciting. 

Pretty much everyone tried things on - what do you think of my bomber jacket? Phwoar. I actually really wanted to buy it... 

Safa, a super dooper lovely person we met from the other school on the trip, got right into the French spirit & tested the beret.

The rest of the shops were all a bit too touristy for my liking, but Libby found love in one of them (teehee):

Then for the actual Pompidou. Once again I was happy to bust out my French, asking about tickets and all sorts to get our schools into the centre. And look how awesome the signs are?!

We then got to use The Great Glass Escalator, I had a very Roald Dahl childhood...

The gallery was like being in an art book, except all the famous paintings were there for real. Quite a surreal experience.

There were also some pretty cool sculptures outside, so I snapped away at Libby snapping away.

There was a lot of snapping.

We couldn't resist this photo with so much blue around.

On the balcony, we had our first proper glimpse of the Eiffel Tower on the trip, what a view.

Above - Louise & myself.

Below - Me, Chioma, Bethany, Safa & Lousie (in order). Other than Louise & I, they were all the lovely people from the other school.

It was so sunny as we sketched on the balcony, so we coudln't resist a photo.

There were loads of interesting (& also bizarre) paintings. I'd studied Otto Dix in history a couple of years back, so seeing his work was interesting. I also saw some of Picasso's & Kandinsky's work (crazy eh?).

However along these works of art there were also some very modern pieces: A box of scrap metal, a totally blue canvas & 3 white ones. Clearly they required some deep studying.

I'd like to know the meaning behind them all as I'm not totally into this side of the whole modern scene yet...

The Pompidou was a big mixture of the very modern & very famous. I liked it a lot.

And getting to every floor is a cool experience too.

Listening tooooo: 'On Top of the World' by Imagine Dragons & 'Mr Blue Sky' by the Electric Light Orchestra


  1. that photo with the mirrored ball is amazing! Looks like youre having a wonderful time! XX

    1. Thank you, it was a really colourful room installation with this mirrored ball in the middle - maxi zoom for the photo as we were't allowed inxx

  2. I remember walking around the area where the Pompidou centre was when we visited Paris, there were loads of funky vintage shops! We didn't actually go in though, which I regret after seeing these photos. I definitely will next time!

    1. It was so fun, i didn't expect to like so many clothes, I recommend itxx

  3. Wow that escalator is amazing :) I'd love to visit here! Lovely photos :) xxx

  4. Lovely photos, especially the one of the Eiffel Tower!

    1. Thanks Irela, I think that photo makes it look quite small hahaxx

  5. I loved this museum so much. My hubby hated but I had the best time!

    1. Thats good, I liked recognising famous pieces bestxx

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  7. Looks like such fun! Oh, how I am so longing to be in Paris, this makes me want to go so much more. That escalator looks like a lot of fun, thank goodness for those who aren't afraid of heights :)

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