Sunday, 28 July 2013

I Spy an Eiffel Tower - 5

After our day of visiting museums & eating pizza, we made our last stop of the day to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

For our tickets, everyone decided to walk to the first floor. Burning off the pizza, right? It was a long, long, long way.

Just when we thought we'd arrived, it turned out we were only half way there...even longer.

But it was worth it. The view was beautiful, it was so much better than a cramped lift, there was a little breeze helping us along the way & we got to enjoy the full experience this way!

Above: Libby looking lovely in her tourist photo.

Below: Louise clinging for her dear life. We only discovered her fear of heights here, on the Eiffel Tower.

The lower floors are both great & if you want a good view, they're probably the best. Everything just looks like teeny tiny dots from the top floor! 

Nevertheless, I wanted to experience something I'd never done before, so we parted with Louise (she was utterly terrified by now) and queued for the lift to the top floor.

It was a long queue. But we all made it up there, in one piece. Phew. The lift wasn't even that scary.

We rushed around excitedly at the top, taking crazily excited photos of each other & spotting which dot was what.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to hurry back down to the coach (we were only about an hour late... whoops) Walking down was much easier than walking up, other than getting lost for a little while.

Once back to the coach, we guzzled down our leftover pizza & took to the congested roads for a tour of Paris by night. Our tour ended at a beautiful viewing point to the Eiffel Tower where we danced, twirled & jumped the evening away.

Listening toooo: Amanda Palmer's album: 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' (Specially requested by Louise - this was our favourite for the coach journeys)


  1. Haha I suppose the Eiffel Tower is the nicest place I can think of to discover a fear of heights! Sounds like fun, I didn't go up the eiffle tower when I visited - only admired from below.

    1. The atmosphere is really cool below it too, we saw a wedding!xx

  2. I have no fear of heights but i did find those stairs a bit of a challenge! There's loads about Paris on my blog as I used to live there (moved back in March) in case you want some more ideas of things to do (hope I'm not too late) - in this weather you should definitely visit the Rodin museum. Have a look here:

    1. Man that's so cool, I'd lov to live somewhere that beautiful & busy!xx

  3. How exciting! Paris and the Eiffel tower are on my bucket list! Lovely pics.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

    1. Thank you Cee! I would love to go back, even for a day ahaxx

  4. The garden is just wonderful isn't it! I loved Paris, great post!xxx

  5. It's so amazing to read a "stranger" talking about France. That's sound great to me.
    Since few weeks you can now visit the Eiffel Tower in the google maps street view :]

    Enjoy it.
    Regards from France ;p