Friday, 11 July 2014


I just got my first disposable camera photos developed so now I can finally blog about things which happened about a month or more ago... WOO.

First up, my last ever day at school!! Crikey I'm old (ish). It was decided our year would go army style on our last day - to 'invade' the school. Below are two of my best friends since lower school - Abby, En-Jia & then me on the end.

And above are a bunch of my friends who decided to come dressed as the village people.

Several pranks were carried out throughout the morning, along with a parting speech over assembly before we were promptly kicked out (before lunch... before lunch!). So obviously we then migrated to take over the local pub.

Above: the lovely Amy on the left, with En-Jia inbetween us.

It was a really nice ending to years and years and years of school. Kind of sad that there won't be a place where you know all your friends will be but definitely okay with moving on now. Haha.

~ ~ ~

Love Is All I Got (awesome with bass)
At Home (my favourite)
Plage (so pretty)
all by Crystal Fighters (#obsessed)


  1. Congrats on finishing school :) Good luck with everything that's coming up!

  2. Enjoy your new found freedom! I dressed up as a punk on my last day of school. I had a full on mohawk. It was great!


    1. Wow that's an awesome outfit!! Would have loved to see that one!xx

  3. I love that your friends were dressed as the village people, what a perfect outfit, haha

    Charlotte's Web|The London Project

  4. Haha we did this at our school too although it was called Muck-Up day. we invaded too. Everyone was dressed up in whatever they wanted and we pulled some pretty good tricks!

    Katie <3

  5. love the army dress up - i see whatcha did there! i wish my college had a proper leaving day - we didn't really do anything! xx

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