Wednesday, 6 February 2013

From The Domicile Of Your Own Bedroom

Shopping online has a bundle of advantages. My favourite? You can shop with your duvet still wrapped around you on those cold winter mornings. Bliss.

So to add to the distractions of the internet, here is my own little compilation of products you wish you had.

Moxi roller skates which can be found here. Topshop have just started selling them & they are delicious. Personally, teal is my favourite colour, but they come in several different designs.

This Kate Spade Watch, found here, is utter perfection, as with all Kate Spade items, fingers crossed for Valentine's day?

Both of these art prints can be found at Rockett St George, & I adore the style. In particular the Magpie Belle piece (left), I've always had a thing for her artwork.

And don't worry gents, you are not forgotten.

Of all toys, vintage toys are always the best, & this beauty of a camera can be found at UO.

If you prefer to tackle shopping from a DIY aspect, these top hat pendent lights are your go to! Combining British heritage & class, they are perfection.

That's the end of my snippet of procrastination, but if you want a recommendation of more 'go to' shops, here's a little list:


  1. those top hat lights are too cute! great blog:)

  2. some nice items, that kate spade watch is just the perfect shade of pink isn't it?

  3. That Kate spade watch is such a sweetheart

  4. I love those rollers! So cute :)
    Shopping online is such a trap, but I love it. It's so nice to browse through things on a cold night wrapped up in your blankie with a nice cup of tea.

  5. Oh I love the watch! Now if only I had enough money to buy it...

  6. Obsessed with that watch! One for my Christmas/birthday list perhaps.. :)

  7. WOW those roller skates are amazing!! I haven't worn a pair in YEARS and those ones are too desirable.

    Francesca xo

  8. Oh, the watch is just perfect!

  9. Awesome skates!! MISSION: Delve under the stairs, locate my vintage beasts, emerge unscathed.
    THEN, try not to kill myself with them. Sadly, quite as coot as these Topshop beauts :(

    P.S. That KS watch is pretty darn scrumptious too.

    Mollie xo