Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Barbican on Sundays.

The Barbican is the place I discovered my favourite film. The place my parents visited before they had children. The place my mother brought me to find out more about architecture. The place to meet good friends, old friends, family.

On Sundays, the Barbican also becomes host to one of London's most beautiful botanical gardens.

When I arrived in London, the busy days and restless activities were so different to my previous village life. I loved it. It was what I needed. But after a year of London I've found that my favourite spaces in London are the quiet ones. The parks, hidden streets, gardens. The Barbican is one of these places.

p.s. the restaurant is lovely too. we spent a whole afternoon and evening there. genuinely.

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  1. lovely pictures! i can't believe i missed this spot when i travelled!

    1. It's such a beautiful place, if you're back in London on a Sunday I recommend a visit there. Xx

  2. Nice pictures! I don't remember how I happened upon it, but I like your blog.