Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being a first year Bartlett student.

My first year of architecture.

I // The visible and invisible. We were given a site along Greenwich beach and measured every single metre squared, examining the site in upmost detail - the visible. We created scaled drawings with the measurements and then focused in on the parts we we most interested by - invisible to most people. For me - the textures of the ground at different points.

II // Longing and Belonging. Our second project was to create an installation within our studio groups for the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. The installation had to have a sense of belonging to its site within the Royal Naval College and longing for the site along Greenwich beach. My studio group created an installation which changed vibrations into scratchings on chalk, depending on the skittle thrown down the alley.

III // Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève. The whole year took a trip to Paris for a week. We had the best time gallivanting around Paris' most beautiful and exciting spaces. Foundation Louis Vuitton was my personal highlight. During the week we were also given building to survey and sketchbooks to scribble inspirations down. Mine - the grand library in the heart of Paris.

IV // The Whistling Café. This is the main one. Half the year was dedicated to this project. We were each given a specific program to design our houses/workplaces. My program: To create a house for a greasy spoon café owner with a passion for hot air balloons. I ended up designing my café to create different sounds according to the wind directions. This allows the owner to know the direction of the passing hot air balloons simply by listening to the sounds by the wind.

The year has been tough. Architecture means long hours and little free time. But I have met some of the most amazing people and learnt more than I thought I could. Now for year II.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015



A post to appreciate the bike. In my family it was normal to be picked up from school on a tandem. Our garage has always been packed with a variety of bikes and the most natural way to travel is to cycle. So it was probably a given that the obsession would pass on to myself.

Last year I was captivated by the Tour de France. The struggles, the successes. Then I planned my own routes around the English country with fellow cycle adventurer Tom. We found places we never noticed before, rescued birds and sang at the tops of our voices. This year the bike obsession continues. I've recently started riding on the front of the tandem for longer trips, with Tom and with my cousin. Last week I cycled across 4 Danish islands. Next... I'm not sure. But the bike obsession will continue strong.

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Beautiful & Inspiring videos by Free People for their new 'Movement' range
Love Is All I Got by Feed Me, Crystal Fighters

Monday, 27 July 2015

A Cultural Reunion.

211 miles. 4 months. It's been AGES since I last saw En-Jia. But as my first year of architecture came to an end we were reunited at last for four days in Manchester!

We explored the parks, the galleries, the famous curry mile and most importantly of all... I was introduced to ultimate frisbee - En-Jia's number one hobby. But for now - a composition of our artistic adventures.

The photos are from a mix of Whitworth and the Manchester museum - I think Whitworth was our favourite. Not just the art but the place also, and how they used light in the different rooms. (#architect) But seriously you will know what I mean if you go.

We also had a venture to the Northern quarter and discovered lots of little independent galleries which were all pretty lovely to explore. AND lets not forget I found the best shop ever for an architecture student. If only it was in London. Magma Manchester you have my heart.

Whitworth Art Gallery // Manchester Museum

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The Killers - Exitlude
Jet - Look What You've Done
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension