Monday, 11 August 2014

Climbing Trees & Jazz - The Botanical Gardens

I'm writing this post sitting in the library of a pretty house in the South of France - pas mal. But I'm here to talk about something that happened a while back when I visited the Botanical Gardens. Along with my family, we made the short journey to Cambridge to meet Emilie for an evening picnic & concert in the botanical gardens.

The amount of times I've been to Cambridge is probably too many by now, but somehow I hadn't come across the botanical gardens. So when we were greeted with a warm setting sun and found our spot to picnic near the jazz band, it was pretty darn cool taking in the environment. Loads of similar-minded people had also packed a picnic ready for the concert and the place was bustling.

Not long after the music started and we had filled up on cheese and grapes, Emilie & I set out exploring. We wandered the gardens, discovered the lily-filled pond, climbed the rocks and found beautiful tree which had grown over the pond (of course we couldn't resist a limb), then found our way back led by the music.

All in all, it was beautiful. If I had seen this place last year I think I might even have chosen to focus my art coursework just on this garden for the whole year (not joking). Plus they have bees buzzing around which is bonus points as I really want some pet bees.

And voila, I recommend a visit guys.

In other news, I've passed my theory test! Probably a gazillion years after everyone else but woop de woop.  ALSO, I'm going to Copenhagen soon so any tips on the best places to visit and things to do would be much appreciated. ♥ ♥ 

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