Tuesday, 28 July 2015



A post to appreciate the bike. In my family it was normal to be picked up from school on a tandem. Our garage has always been packed with a variety of bikes and the most natural way to travel is to cycle. So it was probably a given that the obsession would pass on to myself.

Last year I was captivated by the Tour de France. The struggles, the successes. Then I planned my own routes around the English country with fellow cycle adventurer Tom. We found places we never noticed before, rescued birds and sang at the tops of our voices. This year the bike obsession continues. I've recently started riding on the front of the tandem for longer trips, with Tom and with my cousin. Last week I cycled across 4 Danish islands. Next... I'm not sure. But the bike obsession will continue strong.

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Beautiful & Inspiring videos by Free People for their new 'Movement' range
Love Is All I Got by Feed Me, Crystal Fighters

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  1. I basically bike everywhere too! theres just something so natural and easy going about it! Its so enjoyable, especially planning bike routes with others!